Advance Tek Engineers


Shower Test Booth

We offer an exclusively designed Shower Test Booth comprising of unmatched features. Our Shower Test Booth consists of three main zones: spraying, drying and recycling. These zones are classified as per various uses of consumers. Our Shower Test Booth comes handy with slat conveyor along with plastic conveyor operating upon Automatic Mode & Manual Mode. Our specially designed Automatic Mode & Manual Mode contains different sections, which can be customized as per the clients̢۪ requirements. Our Automatic Mode & Manual Mode also has stop switches for the safety purposes.

Special Traits
  • Spraying Zone
    In this zone there are 2 Zones i.e. High Pressure Zone & Normal Pressure Zone. It is equipped with water collector ducts. This zone is normally made by SS Piping & SS Water Spraying Nipples. The area of spraying zone & the Pressure is mainly depending on client̢۪s requirement. This zone is covered by Stainless Steel / GI leak proof canopy with proper illumination & observation windows, made by Toughen Glass. The object entry & exit doors are optional depend on clients requirement
  • Drying Zone
    In this zone there are 2 main air blowers which have vertical & horizontal high pressure drying vents. By using high capacity blowers the fresh air sucked from atmosphere and blows it on vehicle after filtering with appropriate filters. This zone is also covered by Stainless Steel / GI leak proof canopy with GI ducting
  • Water Pumping & Recycling Zone
    This zone is equipped with Water tank with water level sensors & indicators. Water Filtering System, Water Pressure monitoring system.
  • Slat Conveyor / Plastic Slat Conveyor
    This is anti-corrosive Hot Dip Galvanized Conveyor. All structure & Slats are hot dip galvanized. Or we can use Plastic Chain Instead of GI Slats. This conveyor comes in two modes of operations i.e. Automatic Mode & Manual Mode. Operation Speed & Sizes are depending on clients Requirement.
  • Electrical Interfaces
    The main operations are control by Main Electric Control Panel. The partial controlling devices are installed at Object Entry & Exit Doors. This control panel can be comes in two mode of operation i.e. Automatic & Manual. Our control panels are fitted with all standard Siemens Components
  • Safety
    There are many stop switches provided for each & every equipment.